Rental Information and Policies


FEES:  50% deposit of rental fee is required to reserve the date. Reservation is confirmed in writing upon receipt of deposit payment. The balance of the rental fee is due 30 days before the event. Checks should be made to: The Friends of Tileston, Inc. There are no additional fees, charges or taxes for use of the facility.

OCCUPANCY:  The Upper Room 1871 comfortably accommodates 280 guests for a sit-down event. Smaller groups can be served with a minimum of 25 guests.

ACCESS:  The Upper Room 1871 is located in the historic Tileston along with the St. Mary School (K-8).  Events cannot be scheduled during normal school hours, (8:00am-3:30pm Monday-Friday) with limited exceptions on scheduled school holidays and breaks. All access to The Upper Room must be coordinated with the Event Supervisor in consideration of the school operations.

SERVICES:  An Event Supervisor is provided in the rental fee. A supervisor will oversee all events; coordinate the set-up of the room the day of the event and maintain a presence throughout the event to ensure a positive guest experience.

AMENITIES:  The Upper Room 1871 has a raised stage for live music or special seating and two elegant bars that are included in the rental fee. Tables and chairs are provided at no additional cost. Renters are responsible for providing table coverings, flowers, decorations and other outside services (i.e. caterers, music/entertainment, and photography). A list of recommended vendors is available upon request. Candles may be used on tabletops. Permanent or semi-permanent adhesives may not be used on walls or floors to secure decorations. Absolutely NO outside tents, food or beverage service. No decorations may be attached to building exteriors or foliage.


ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Alcoholic beverages MAY be served in the Upper Room 1871. NO alcoholic beverages may be served or consumed outside the Upper Room 1871.  The selected caterer must have the proper permits and licenses. Any and all liabilities arising from the consumption of alcohol on the premises are the responsibility of the renter. Proper permits and licenses must be obtained as outlined by NC ABC code.

PARKING: Free parking is available in and around The Upper Room as well as Ann and Fifth streets.

CATERER:  If the renter chooses to provide their own caterer, the following conditions apply.

  • Caterer must be a professional with a valid off-site caterer’s license
  • Caterer will be responsible for providing all necessary items to service the event including china, glasses, plates, silverware, napkins, tablecloths, towels, cleaning materials, etc. Trash cans and bags provided by the Upper Room.
  • Caterer (renter) is responsible for removing all foodstuff (used and unused) from premises as well as proper disposal of all trash.
  • Food may be re-heated to be served, but cooking is not allowed in The Upper Room 1871.
  • The Upper Room 1871 must be left in a clean condition. All other equipment must be removed at the end of the event and cannot be stored at The Upper Room.
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